A different take on an old classic delight

Our family’s mission is to offer a great-tasting, healthy and fun alternative to your typical, so-called Waffle, with our own unique take. All items are gluten and wheat-free!

Our family is inspired by gluten/wheat free products that taste better, make you feel better, and are truly healthy for everyone to eat. We use local and only the freshest ingredients to provide the highest quality treats and eats.

Explore Your Wicked Side

Don’t be afraid to allow your Wicked side to come out and try a different take on Waffles! (Your taste buds will thank you.)

Our Waffles are wicked-good: Everything is homemade and created with care, using only the best local ingredients.

Tell me more about these Waffles…

Exactly how wicked are they? Strap in and take a look through our full menu below.

(All items are gluten and wheat-free!)

Explore Your Wicked Side

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We’re Wicked Social

Ultimate Wicked Waffle

our sweet brioche like waffle with caramelized sugar cooked inside.

Topped with vanilla ice cream, your choice of strawberry, blueberry or Oreo crumble, whipped cream, and chocolate
and caramel syrup.


Currently Served on Truck

Right To Be Wicked

Our amazingly tasty sweet corn and chorizo waffle, served with a homemade garlic aioli.


Currently Served on Truck

Not Yer Mama’s

This Brussels style waffle is prepared with yeast , egg whites and a little magic to create a very light airy but crispy waffle perfect for whipped cream and fruit or for a savoury treat.


Currently Served on Truck

Waffle Cluckers

A Brussels waffle topped with crispy and juicy chicken breast nuggets seasoned with our homemade blend, served with maple syrup and sriracha mayo.


Currently Served on Truck

Sweet Corn & Chorizo Fritters

Served with a lemon and garlic ailoi.


Currently Served on Truck

Chicken Nuggets

Served with a homemade honey mustard dipping sauce.


Currently Served on Truck

Wicked Coneoli

Our take on a cannoli but with a waffle cone shell.

We make them with ricotta and cream cheese filling and we offer multiple flavours but always have chocolate and lemon as our truck staples.


Currently Served on Truck

Lolly Waffles

These are our amazing sweet or savoury waffle tubes that come in two varieties. Our lolly waffle covered in assorted flavoured chocolate ganache and our chicken and waffle made with our homemade chicken sausages.

Chicken 3 For $16

Sweet 3 For $14

Currently unavailable but
returning soon!

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